100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

100 hour yoga teacher training program is the first step into becoming a Yoga teacher specially designed for students who want to embark on this journey with a small step. 100 yoga hour training program is a 200 hour yoga teacher training program split into two equal halves allowing students to take the course into two separate courses of 14 days each.

Breakdown of 100 hour yoga teacher training

  • 35+ Asana and Pranayama
  • 15+ Anatomy, Physiology, & Ayurveda
  • 20+ Teaching/Teaching Practice
  • 20+ Philosophy, Sanskrit, Chanting, and Yogic Lifestyle
  • 15+ Home / Personal Study
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Traning, Yugaadhi
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yugaadhi

Why Yugaadhi Yoga Teacher Training is Unique?

Yugaadhi School of Yoga is a traditional school run by sages & yogis who know the ancient arts of Ayurveda, naturopathy and other Vedic methods of natural transformation.

We offer unique facilities for the complete upliftment of mind and body during the program.

  • 2 Steam Baths
  • 1 Mud Pack / Massage Session
  • 1 Shirodhara Session
  • Enema Treatment

How Will You Transform With The Course?

We help students release mental worries, physical stress and improve as a person to embark on a new journey as a Yoga teacher in their lives. 100 hour yoga teacher training program offers spiritual knowledge along with Vedic ways of self-improvement and healthy living.

  • Ayurvedic Diet Plan
  • Vedic Self Healing Techniques
  • Diet plan and self-improvement
  • Emotional blockage techniques
  • Stress relieving techniques
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yugaadhi

Course Fees & Batch Dates

Batch DatePrivate Room
Double Sharing Room (USD)
3 Oct’18 – 16 Oct’18899799
3 Nov’18 – 16 Nov’18899799
3 Dec’18 – 16 Dec’18899799
3 Jan’19 – 16 Jan’19899799
3 Feb’19 – 16 Feb’19899799
3 Mar’19 – 16 Mar’19899799
3 Apr’19 – 16 Apr’19899799
3 May’19 – 16 May’19899799
3 Jun’19 – 16 Jun’19899799
3 Jul’19 – 16 Jul’19899799
3 Aug’19 – 16 Aug’19899799
3 Sep’19 – 16 Sep’19899799

To book seat, student needs to pay 20% of total course fees as an advance through website payment gateway. Rest 80% of the course fees is to be paid at the ashram on arrival.

Facilities Included in Course Fee


Air-conditioned rooms with attached western washroom. Each room is equipped with television, storage closet, table, and chair.

Yoga Kit & Study Material

T-shirt, Books, notepad, stationary, yoga mat, yoga blocks, netri pot, sutra neti, etc. are all provided to the students for their training.

Steam Bath Session

Steam bath increases circulation and loosens stiff joints. It has a very refreshing impact on body relieving all the stress and toxins

Mudpack, Intestine Cleansing & Enema

Mud therapy, intestine cleansing and enema treatment are given for complete cleansing of body and refreshing you from within.


100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Four healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. Vegetarian food with special considerations for vegan, allergic, diebetic students.

Weekly Sightseeing Trips

Once in a week sightseeing trips are arranged for the students to nearby places of interests like waterfalls, small hiking trails, caves, river rafting, temples, etc.

Massage Session

Massage session helps student to re-energize after a few tiring yoga sessions at the beginning of the program.

Shirodhara Session

Shirodhara is a unique ayurvedic oil treatment that helps in balancing and stabilizing of mind and body

The evaluation of 100 hours Yoga TTC is done at the end of program with oral and practical tests and the candidates are awarded a 100 hours completion certificate which is to be converted to a 200 hours TTC certification by attending the remaining 100 hours within a year.

The school follows the traditional vedic lifestyle with following restrictions imposed by the sattvic living

  1. Any kind of drugs or substance abuse
  2. Any kind of alcoholic product
  3. Smoking of cigarettes and other similar products
  4. Consumption of tamasic non-vegetarian food items

The students need to follow three simple rules during their stay at our school

  1. If you are going out, let someone know about your plans and update us when you change the plan
  2. The school is open 24×7 but we will not allow students to enter or leave after 10PM for security reasons.
  3. Do not attempt to dive or swim in the river even if you are a professional swimmer, the river is filled with huge rocks with tremendous current and is not fit for swimming.

The bookings are non-cancellable but are transferable in every possible way. You can send someone else, book another course, change your destination etc. 7 days before that start date of your course.