Things Included in 7 Days Emotional Healing Yoga Retreat Rishikesh

Following things are included in 7 days yoga & emotional healing retreat:

  • Learn Yoga
  • Lower Abdomen Therapy
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Yog Nidra
  • Enema Treatment
  • 1 Steam Bath
  • 1 Mud Pack Therapy
Emotional Healing Retreat - Yoga Retreat Rishikesh
Who Should Join 7 Days Emotional Healing Yoga Retreat Rishikesh

Who Should Join 7 Days Yoga & Emotional Healing Retreat Rishikesh?

When the mind gets affected by emotional issues (due to loss of someone, tragedy of life, changes in lifestyle, relationship issues, etc.) it sends signals affecting the whole body. Physical emotional blocks are formed as a result of mental issues.

7 days emotional healing yoga retreat Rishikesh provides various treatments to release blocked emotions. It provides treatment for both physical and mental impacts of the blocked emotions.

Why Do You Need Yoga & Emotional Healing Retreat?

When you undergo strong emotional circumstances where your mind is pushed beyond normal limits, it starts malfunctioning and sends undesired signals to all parts of the body. Your body acts according to these signals and creates issues like body ache, physical stress, etc. The emotional blocks are physiological changes that occur in your body as a result of mental challenges.

Emotional blocks are formed at lower abdominal areas and can be treated by Vedic treatment procedures along with mental healing procedures like meditation and pranayama to eliminate both cause and effect at the same time.

Why Do You Need Yoga & Detox Retreat

Yoga & Emotional Healing Retreat - Fees & Batch Dates

Batch DatePrivate Room
Double Sharing Room
3 Jan’19 – 9 Jan’19
18 Jan’19 – 24 Jan’19
3 Feb’19 – 9 Feb’19
18 Feb’19 – 24 Feb’19
3 Mar’19 – 9 Mar’19
18 Mar’19 – 24 Mar’19
3 Apr’19 – 9 Apr’19
18 Apr’19 – 24 Apr’19
3 May’19 – 9 May’19
18 May’19 – 24 May’19
3 Jun’19 – 9 Jun’19
18 Jun’19 – 24 Jun’19
3 Jul’19 – 9 Jul’19
18 Jul’19 – 24 Jul’19
3 Aug’19 – 9 Aug’19
18 Aug’19 – 24 Aug’19
3 Sep’19 – 9 Sep’19
18 Sep’19 – 24 Sep’19
3 Oct’19 – 9 Oct’19
18 Oct’19 – 24 Oct’19
3 Nov’19 – 9 Nov’19
18 Nov’19 – 24 Nov’19
3 Dec’19 – 9 Dec’19
18 Dec’19 – 24 Dec’19

To book seat, student needs to pay 20% of total course fees as an advance through website payment gateway. Rest 80% of the course fees is to be paid at the ashram on arrival.

Refund Policy

The bookings of 7 days emotional healing yoga retreat Rishikesh are non-refundable but are transferable in every possible way. You can send someone else or book another course 7 days before the start date of your course.

Facilities Included in 7 Days Emotional Healing Yoga Retreat Rishikesh Course Fee


Air conditioned rooms with attached western washroom. Each room is equipped with television, storage closet, table and chair.

Yoga Kit & Study Material

T-shirt, Books, notepad, stationary, yoga mat, yoga blocks, netri pot, sutra neti, etc. are all provided to the students for their training.

Steam Bath Session

Steam bath increases circulation and loosens stiff joints. It has a very refreshing impact on body relieving all the stress and toxins

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Four healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. Vegetarian food with special considerations for vegan, allergic, diabetic students.

Weekly Sightseeing Trips

Once in a week sightseeing trips are arranged for the students to nearby places of interests like waterfalls, small hiking trails, caves, river rafting, temples, etc.

Mudpack Therapy & Enema Treatment

Mud therapy and enema treatment are given for complete cleansing of body and refreshing you from within.


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