About Yugaadhi Yoga School

Yugaadhi School of Yoga is a traditional school of Yoga, philosophy, spiritual learning and healing. The school is located at one of the best locations on the planet known for meditation and spiritual practices, Tapovan, Rishikesh. The curriculum and courses focus on traditional Vedic Yoga and spiritual practices while keeping in mind the changing requirements of the modern lifestyle. The school has 20 air-conditioned premium rooms with attached washrooms, an air-conditioned Yoga hall and a terrace for Yoga practice and meditation. The students live and study in the same building which saves both time and energy.

About Yugaadhi

About Tapovan, Rishikesh

Tapovan is the upper half of Rishikesh and is loved by western students for its divine peace and tranquility. Tapovan is a peaceful place away from the noise and crowd, a place best suited for meditation and spiritual practices. Standing true to its name ‘Tapovan’, a place for spiritual and yogic practices, Tapovan is a place you will fall in love with. A lot of students who come back to Rishikesh to improve their practice prefer to live in Tapovan over all other locations in Rishikesh. A spiritual place full of fellow seekers from around the world is the best place to learn, meditate and seek spiritual guidance.

Why Choose Yugaadhi Yoga School

Yugaadhi School of yoga offers great facilities like Ayurveda, naturopathy, emotional unblocking therapy along with your yoga teacher training course or yoga retreat.

Experienced Gurus

Yugaadhi school of yoga offers you the most authentic form of yoga. The traditional hatha yoga under the esteemed guidance of some of the most revered gurus of Rishikesh. Come learn yoga in the most authentic ancient form.

Great Accommodations

Enjoy your stay with comfortable air-conditioned rooms, attached washrooms, laundry and other amenities. Enjoy the Indian hospitality and warmth during your stay. Yugaadhi school of yoga has a dedicated hospitality team for a warm welcome.

Fun Trips

The school arranges one elocution trip every week. These trips might be any one of the following, temple visit, cave visit, waterfall visit, rafting on the ganga, dip in the holy river, hike on foothills of the himalayas etc.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Yugaadhi is the one of the few schools on the planet to offer complimentary ayurvedic therapies along with teacher training courses and retreats. Come experience the best of Ayurveda at the Yoga capital of the world.