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Are you blocking your emotions to such an extent that it is making you feel depressed and unhappy? Does your mind is blocking emotions in such a way that you are not even aware of the emotional turmoil inside you? The reason for emotional blockage could be anger, disgust, fear, love, rejection or grief. However, if you repress these emotions for a long period of time, these are forced down to the recesses of your mind where these remain embedded and restrain you from living your life happily as it should be lived.

Emotional blockage could also cause serious problems with physical and mental health if these are not recognized and dealt with. These could hamper your growth as an individual and halt your progress in professional as well as personal front.


What Exactly Is Emotional Blockage?

Emotional blockages are the emotions that a person suppress and are not able to express. These are generally negative thoughts and emotions brought to the fore by a feeling of insecurity or dejection.

Such emotions have a completely different energetic frequency which is considerably lower than the energetic frequency shown by positive thoughts. Hence these affect each and every vital function in the body and could give rise to an environment fit for diseases and illnesses to set in. Thus, emotional blockage could be described as barriers that hamper your creativity and thereby hamper your progress.

The manifestation of emotional blockage in your minds could be due to some traumatic incidents in childhood or rejection in love. Minor things like failing in examinations or not getting through the first job interview could also trigger the mind to store this incident in its recess.

The mind is divided into three: conscious, subconscious and unconscious states. The conscious mind accepts what is happening in the present, but your emotions, trauma, or even sad memories are stored in the subconscious mind. The unconscious mind acts on the premise of the subconscious emotions.


Emotional Blockage Signs


Emotional Blockage Signs

There are some signs that your body gives to let us know that your emotions are cluttered and blocked.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

You may be having unrealistic expectations from someone you love and if there is disappointment, you may start distancing yourself. You may be doing more harm to your relationship, as the person you love does not know your expectations unless you open up.

  • Pretending Something Doesn’t Bother You (When It Does)

There are instances which affect you, but you act as though you don’t care. Again this is a sure indication of an emotional blockage. Maybe something has happened before where you have been misunderstood and you don’t want a repeat. But if the incident affects you, not reacting could mean that you are submerging your emotions.

  • Grief

Grief is an emotion which everyone experiences at one time or the other. It is that one emotion which greatly affects your emotional quotient. You could feel harassed, sad or even show unreasonable anger.

  • Constantly Procrastinate

Putting off work for the next day when you can definitely do it today is a sign of lack of motivation.

  • Excessive Drinking, Eating or Exercising

Drinking water or eating food even when there is no craving for it, is a sure sign of emotional blockage! You don’t want to remember something, so you push it down the mind and divert your thoughts to food. Doing extra exercise can also signal something similar.

  • Fatigue and Depression

When there is a constant feeling of fatigue and depression though you have not indulged in any activity to bring it forth. It is your body’s way of telling that you are using a huge amount of energy in keeping your emotions buried deep in subconscious mind.


Measures to Release Emotional Blockage

Since you know that the cause of emotional blockage is the memories stored in your subconscious mind. You have to delve into the recesses of your mind and bring them out and face them. How do you do this?

Choose a secluded and peaceful spot to bring your mind to solitude. Then, see what part of your body is troubling you. Is it the stomach, throat or just plain fatigue? Think. Search for any emotional upheaval in the recent past which could have triggered this trouble.

There could be some flashback memories which float across your mind. Bring those to the surface. Don’t ever be judgmental about your anger, hatred or grief. Just take a deep breath and feel the release of the troubled emotion out of your body.

Yoga is also quite helpful in releasing the emotional blocks. Emotional blockage treatment through yoga can help you overcome stress, depression, grief or trauma. Through pranayama and yoga poses, body can be rejuvenated and mind can be relieved of the emotional blockage and bring in positivity again in your life.

Yoga asanas can make your brain go into a neutral state and help your mind to find a way to process the deeply buried feelings and emotions. It is a journey of discovering of your true self, mind, body and soul.




Everyone has emotional blockage of some sort. There is no shame in recognizing it and working to release it out of our mind. But it is the responsibility of an individual to bring himself/herself out of past, out of unnecessary emotions and stop these emotions from cluttering into the mind. You have the ability to clear your mind, take charge of your present and live a richer, happier and fuller life and bring positive change in yourself.

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