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Meditation is a form of yoga which has been practiced by people from a very long period of time. Meditation has a calming effect on mind and body alike. It makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. After you start meditating, you will start accepting your body as it is and love yourself. Meditation can change your life in the long run.


Meditation History – Various Meditation Techniques

Meditation is deeply associated with religious and spiritual background. Many civilizations have used rhythmic prayers and chants for their gods. Mediation has been practiced in most of the religions across the world.

Lord Buddha had been one of the major practitioners of meditation. Mediation has been practiced in most of the religions across the world. Earliest known records of yoga and meditation are found 5000 years old Hindu test.

There are many meditation techniques which can bring a positive effect on your mind and body. Three popular meditation techniques are:

  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Visualization Meditation

In transcendental meditation, you sit on chair or floor with straight spine for 20 minutes twice in a day. The benefits of this technique are better sleep, improvement in thinking ability, reduction in stress and better patience level to deal with tense situations.

Vipassana or Mindfulness which is majorly a Buddhist tradition. You have to sit on chair in a proper position, close your eyes and accept all the thoughts which are coming to your mind. This technique helps in bringing out blocked emotions and thoughts.

Visualization or creative meditation involves concentrating on a vision or an image. If you want to achieve something, imagine it in your head. You will automatically start relating with the emotions associated with that achievement. It can boost your confidence and make you an optimistic person.


How Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation has proved to be beneficial for people since a long period of time. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Here we will be enlisting major points on how meditation can change your life.


How Meditation Can Change Your Life

     1.  Better Sleep

Proper sleep is a key to live a healthy and peaceful life. Some people take sleeping pills to get a good sleep which can prove harmful to their health in the long run. Exposing yourself too much on mobiles before sleeping can also lead to lesser amount of sleep and also harms your eyes.

One of the key benefits of mediation is that it helps you getting better sleep at night which gives you a fresh energy for the next day. Even if you sleep less you still wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day.

     2.  Better Eating Habits

One of the effect of meditation on the body is the reduction of waistline. Waistline is really difficult to reduce once you gain weight. Meditation is helpful in reducing unwanted food cravings helping you eat healthy and hygienic. This automatically helps in slimming down your waistline giving you a healthy and wonderful body.

     3.  Lowering Anxiety Levels

Anxiety has become a common problem among the youth of today. It can be either home related or office related. One of the effects of meditation on the mind is lowering down the anxiety levels. It lets new ideas peep in your mind and you see everything with a fresh and different outlook. You can think of different solutions to a problem.

     4.  Improved Patience Level

We face some or other problems daily in our life. Some people are able to deal with the bigger problems easily while others are unable to deal with the smaller problems they face daily.

Meditation is helpful in bringing a halt in your life by giving you patience to deal with everyday situations and come out of it bravely. After you start meditating, you automatically feel difference in your mind and body.

     5.  Lowers Addiction Levels

An addiction to smoking or drinking can prove to be harmful for your health. Meditation can change your life by lowering down the addiction levels which helps you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Practicing 20 minutes of meditation everyday is one of the best ways to deal with addiction problems.

     6.  Stop Seeking External Happiness

Most people nowadays experience the happiness from external sources which includes money, relationships or achievements. After you start performing meditation, you experience an internal happiness. You do not have to control places, people or situations anymore. There is always a sense of fulfillment inside you.

     7.  Relieves Pain

One of the after meditation effects is the relieving of pain which have been troubling you from long. Meditation gives you relief from the pain which keeps on occurring in your body frequently. It gives you a stronger immunity against the diseases making you feel healthy and fit. Meditation works as a tonic and relieves the aching muscles and body.

     8.  Lowers Blood Pressure

Once you start meditating, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure starts coming back to normal. When your blood pressure gets normal, you feel relaxed and stress does not overtake your thoughts. Many symptoms which can occur due to blood pressure like stress, anger, etc. can be completely treated with meditation leading you to a happy and peaceful lifestyle.

     9.  Connects With Others

Meditation can change your life and help you in connecting with others. It is useful in forming connection with the people you don’t know. Once you start connecting with yourself you can also connect with others. You have a feeling of love and compassion towards everyone. You start making new friends and develop a feeling of closeness.

People love being around those who have positive energy and thoughts and meditation does this to you making you a better person.

     10.  Improves Concentration

Meditation is helpful in improving your concentration level because it focuses on an object or entity. It makes you more disciplined and punctual towards yourself and your life. When your focus and concentration is improved, you can do a task assigned to you efficiently and complete it on time or before time. It makes you punctual and helps you in following a routine which makes you feel good.

     11.  Better Self Confidence

It is very important to have confidence in yourself. Without it, you always keep underestimating your capabilities. Meditation helps you in gaining self-confidence or regaining the long lost confidence in yourself.

More confidence in oneself means more efficiency at the work you are doing. If you have self-confidence you can easily face people and take a firm stand in front of everyone.

     12.  Do Less and Achieve More

Meditation can change your life as it improves your ability of achieving more by using less amount of energy. If you take sufficient amount of rest, you can achieve more than required. It is difficult to do so if you are feeling sick or tire whole day.

     13.  Less Fear of Missing Out

Meditation removes the idea that happiness will come in future only after achieving what you have been yearning to. It helps you in living and enjoying the present moment. You will learn to enjoy yourself more than before.

     14.  Become More Adventurous and Daring

Stress can obstruct your sense of adventure and potential. Once your stress starts dissolving through meditation you become more adventurous and daring. It becomes easy for you to take chances. You can travel around the world or start a new hobby which you have always wanted to do.

     15.  Improvement in Decision Making

Meditation gives you a clear perception of right and wrong. You understand what is best for you. It helps you in making a correct decision without depending upon someone else’s approval.  This way meditation can change your life.


What Happens When You Meditate For A Long Time?


What Happens When You Meditate For A Long TimeThere are many advantages of meditation and once you start meditating for a long time, you can experience many changes in your body like:

  • You start enjoying the food when you eat it slowly
  • You do smart work instead of hard work
  • You start accepting the realities of life
  • It helps you focusing more on the present with all its difficulties and problems.
  • It helps you in enjoying small things like sunrises, sunsets, etc. which you might have not noticed for a long period of time.
  • It helps you look into things and situations with a positive outlook.
  • It makes you believe that one day things will change for the better.
  • It makes you a more positive person.
  • You start respecting yourself. You accept the way you are.
  • You start loving yourself and others in the process.


Start Meditating – Quick Tips to Include Meditation In Your Lifestyle

Meditation can bring out a completely different person from you. People are very confused as to when and why they should start meditating. Especially, when they have not done it before.

Here are some tips to include meditation in your life:

  • Practice meditation daily at the same time. The best time to meditate is right after waking or just before going to bed.
  • Do not skip the meditation session from your daily schedule. Find 20 minutes everyday to do meditation.
  • Start by doing only 10 minutes of meditation every day and increase your duration as you get comfortable.
  • Beginners can start with simple focused breath exercises.
  • Find a friend or a group which can help you in regular practice of meditation.
  • It is easy to slip into meditation state while listening to chanting and soft music ow while sitting in a peaceful nature setting.


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Those who are already practicing meditation know the various positive changes it brings in their life. Those who are still in a dilemma of starting, it should start it from today itself. Keep your fear and apprehensions aside and just practice this art to live a better healthy life. You can join yoga retreat in Rishikesh to learn Meditation and Detoxification techniques.

Meditation can change your life and make you a positive person. Meditation has been a life changing experience for many people all around the world. Start meditation to bring a lot of changes in your body, mind and soul.

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