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Rishikesh is the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. People from all over the world come here to learn yoga. Rishikesh yoga is different from other places because the yoga teachings are traditionally rooted from Vedas. The hymns, mantras, and understanding of Gurus are incomparable. Yoga and meditation practice in Rishikesh can prove to be a life-changing experience for you.


Rishikesh is covered with greenery and has a peaceful and serene environment ideal for mastering your yoga practice. The classes which are held on the banks of Ganga which gives inner peace and the sound of the flowing water gives a much-needed relief from the hectic routine of daily life.  


Yoga and Meditation


How is Yoga Associated with Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a very spiritual place for yoga and meditation which lets people immerse themselves in meditation and yoga. It is considered to be a holy destination which lets you discover your inner self through the studies offered in Ashrams. Many prominent personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda, and Swami Rama Tirtha visited this place to explore and study the art of Yoga.


Yoga In Rishikesh


Rishikesh became internationally famous when the most famous band “The Beatles” the now-closed visited Mahesh Yogi Ashram in 1968. There are many other artists and yoga enthusiasts who visit Rishikesh to practice yoga.



History of Yoga

It is known by very few that yoga is described in Katha Upanishad as a steady control on the senses. In ancient India, it was a means to attain peace of mind. Yoga postures were used during Indus Valley Civilization and they are mentioned in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Mokshadharma. Mention of yoga is also found in the formation of words like “Karma Yoga”, “Gyan Yoga” and “Bhakti Yoga” in Mahabharatha.


History Of Yoga


Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Rishikesh

Yoga school in Rishikesh imparts you the best yoga and meditation training in India. Benefits of practicing yoga in Rishikesh are :


Benefits of Practising Yoga



— Hub of Yoga Schools and Ashrams for Yoga and Meditation

Rishikesh has a rich spiritual and yoga heritage. The place houses some of the most reputable schools and ashrams. You can easily get free accommodation in Rishikesh. There are many schools which offer residential courses and accommodation is included in the fees itself. You have an option to get a yoga teacher training certification or take a short-term course in yoga and meditation.


— Best Location for Yoga and Meditation

Rishikesh is located in the lap of Himalayas and has fresh air, greenery, and clean waters. Everyone enjoys rafting, trekking, camping, climbs, and meadows at Rishikesh. Some Rishikesh Yoga Ashrams are in the hustle bustle of the city while others are situated in the lap of nature.


— Affordable Courses for Practising Yoga and Meditation

Yoga lovers come and stay in Rishikesh to experience nature, spirituality, yoga, and meditation. You can get the best 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh without worrying about finances.


— Relief from Stress by Practising Yoga and Meditation

Stress is common in today’s world. It is not good for your health. People take chemical medicines to get relief from stress which in turn makes their immunity weak. Yoga and Meditation is the best way to get rid of stress. Regular yoga practice can give you a better and healthy life.


— Get Flexibility Naturally by Practising Yoga and Meditation

Yoga makes your body flexible and removes stiffness. A stiff body makes you feel older. Yoga and Meditation make you feel younger. You can perform all types of adventurous activities with flexible body.


— Yoga and Meditation Makes You Stay in the Present

Regular yoga practice makes you aware of the present surroundings. Yoga leads to an active mind. This, in turn,  gives you better concentration and makes you react properly to the inhibited surroundings.


— Yoga and Meditation is Good for Easing Migraine

A migraine is a disease in which an individual experiences a severe headache and the pain can range from medium to extreme levels. Except for medication, the students practice yoga for the pain. Rishikesh can be a good option to practice yoga in a calm and natural environment.


— Yoga and Meditation Increases Concentration

Yoga works wonders on improving concentration. Most of the asanas practiced in yoga involve concentrating upon an object. A Rishikesh ashram stay can take you away from the noisy cities and improve your concentration.


— Yoga and Meditation Helps in Weight Loss

Most of the people think that yoga does not contribute to weight loss but surprisingly it does. Rishikesh yoga training can make you aware of your body and do wonders for you. This leads to a healthier lifestyle. The asanas lead to sweating which helps in weight loss.


— Yoga and Meditation Improves Your Posture

Yoga asanas give you a better posture. It is an effective treatment for chronic back pain which causes improper posture.



Meditation in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the best places in the world for doing yoga and meditation. Meditation removes all types of tensions from your life. If you want to practice meditation in Rishikesh you can stay in an ashram. You can learn yoga and enjoy trekking and rafting as well. You will get the privilege to sit on the Ghats of Ganga, listen to spiritual lectures in an ashram or learn chant mantras, hymns or bhajans.


Meditation in Rishikesh


Meaning of Meditation

Mediation is a practice which trains the mind to know oneself. You can practice meditation by repeating a mantra or chanting, using prayer beads or sitting quietly. Meditation is inexpensive and easy. There are no requirements or equipment required for meditation. Meditation was mainly practiced to understand our inner selves, supernatural and sacred forces of life.


Meaning of Meditation


Yoga and Meditation are widely used for stress removal and relaxation. You can learn meditation without any help or assistance from someone.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is not a substitute for a medical treatment. It cures many problems. Meditation helps to attain emotional and physical health which removes stress. It gives peace and balance in life.


Benefits of Meditation


  1. Increases mental strength and focus
  2. Better information processing
  3. Better decision making and problem-solving ability
  4. Improves your mood and emotional intelligence
  5. Enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance
  6. Increases optimism, awareness, and relaxation
  7. Helps develop positive social connections
  8. Reduces blood pressure
  9. Improves the immune system and energy level
  10. Improves breathing and heart rates

Tips for Meditation

Some of the tips for doing meditation are being described below:


Tips for Meditation


  1. A quiet setting or atmosphere
  2. Relax your breath
  3. Focus your attention
  4. A comfortable position
  5. Best time



Rishikesh Yoga

Practicing yoga and meditation in Rishikesh improves your lifestyle. There are various adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking and paragliding which you can enjoy with yoga. Situated in a calm and serene atmosphere, the place is ideal for doing yoga. You must visit Rishikesh for practicing yoga which helps in the promotion of physical and mental health.


Yoga and Meditation Tour at Yugaadhi Yoga School

Yugaadhi Yoga School in Rishikesh organizes 6 days and 7 nights tour. In this tour, you learn yoga, discover the place and stay in a traditional Indian ashram with modern amenities. After arriving, the students meet yoga teachers.

The gurus of the school explain the whole program. There will be an overnight stay and an evening dinner.


Yoga and Meditation Tour at Yugaadhi Yoga School


On the second day, you will have relaxation classes, breath awareness exercises, and stretching exercises. After breakfast, there will be traditional yoga and meditation class with the visiting instructor. There will be a late evening visit to the Ghats for Aarti.

On day three, you will practice relaxation and asanas. After a nutritious breakfast, you will be left free for your own activities. It is optional to take a rafting trip or visit a temple half a day. There is a suggestion therapy class after taking meals.

On day four, you will be trained in advanced yoga postures, meditation, and pranayama. There will be a drive to Vashisht Gufa after breakfast. It is a Gufa or cave where saint Vashisht meditated. After Gufa visit, you will head back to the ashram and attend evening lecture and meditation.

There will be an early morning wake up for learning advance technique of yoga and pranayama on day 5. The evenings will be followed by meditation and curative yoga.

On day 6, there is an early morning curative yoga and meditation class. 

On the 7th day, the students practice advanced postures. After doing yoga you can do your own activities in the day. There will be a question-answer session and evening meditation. The course finishes in the evening.



Fitness is a call to today’s world. Without having a fit body, you cannot think of a good life. Rishikesh Yoga gives you the basic knowledge of yoga. Everyone must visit Rishikesh to attain sound knowledge of yoga.

There are many schools which provide yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. To get the most authentic learning of yoga, visit Yugaadhi Yoga School at Rishikesh, India. The school offers enema treatment, mud pack session, Shirodhara session, free airport pick and drop facility, weekly excursion trips, free accommodation, and vegetarian food. Everyone must visit Yugaadhi Yoga School to attain spirituality and peace.

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