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Yoga retreat is an excellent way to take a break from the stress and anxieties of life. It is one of the best ways to refresh your mind, body and soul. It helps you in uniting with your inner self and gives a chance to look into yourself.

There are many yoga retreat centers in India where you can have a great experience in learning yoga. India is special location being the birthplace of yoga. The yoga centers in India offer yoga and meditation in their original true form, which is not available in any other part of the world.

Planning a yoga retreat is not very easy. It is a step by step process and requires a proper itinerary and planning. Before you sign up for a retreat, you should be well aware of the program, gurus and the facilities available. The location should be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and should have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You should be eager to learn yoga, meditation and derive benefits from them.


Various Types of Yoga Retreats


Various Types of Yoga Retreats

Some of the different types of yoga retreats are as follows:

     1. Adventure Yoga Retreat

Adventure yoga retreat combines both adventure and yoga like yoga and surfing, running or paddle boarding. Giving you a chance to put your fears aside and enjoy life to the fullest.

     2. Detox Yoga Retreat

Detox yoga retreat is about clearing your mind and detoxing your body. It is a combination of yoga, meditation and other activities along with detox diet for nourishment. Detox diet includes healthy, unprocessed and clean food and juices.

Yugaadhi yoga school offers 14 days Yoga Detox Retreat in Rishikesh, India. Yoga, meditation and naturopathy treatments are used in this yoga retreat to detoxify your body from all the toxins deposited over a large period of time.

     3. Spiritual or Healing Yoga Retreat

Spiritual or healing yoga retreat helps in connecting to your spiritual side through yoga. It is also very useful for removing any kind of previous injuries. It improves physical and mental wellbeing through healing practices.

     4. Resort and Spa Retreat

Resort and spa retreat gives you a luxury for booking a place at a specialist spa facility or vacation resort allowing access to spa and resort facilities. Activities like massages, saunas, swimming, etc. can also be included in the retreat. These retreats are usually very costly and are more focused on luxuries than yoga.

     5. Intensive Yoga Retreat

Intensive yoga retreat is where the main focus is on extensive yoga practice. Yoga sessions can be extended for a longer time than normal which makes you improve quickly and learn more out of the yoga practice. These retreats need great will power as your body is pushed to high limits during the retreats.

     6. Silent Yoga Retreat

Silent yoga retreat mainly focuses on your inner self. It helps in communicating with yourself. This retreat makes you comfortable with yourself and solitude. There are various types of silent yoga retreats extending to different extremes. Some retreats involve total silence while other break for particular session or discussion.

     7. Specialist Yoga Retreat

Specialist yoga retreat focuses on a local tradition, particular ceremonies or particular event like New Year. There are also women empowerment yoga retreats or those which are meant for a particular group of people such as couples or families.

     8. Emotional Unblocking Yoga Retreat

All of us suffer from an emotion which we might not be aware of. These emotions can range from relationship issues, tragedy to stress among others. Emotional unblocking yoga retreat is an ideal way to discover your hidden emotions and deal with them.

Yugaadhi is a yoga school in which offers 7 days Yoga Emotional Healing Retreat in Rishikesh. The retreat incorporates yoga practice, meditation, naturopathy treatment to help you release emotional blockages.


Things to Consider While Selecting Yoga Retreat


Things to Consider While Selecting Yoga Retreat

There are many things to be taken care of while choosing the yoga retreat. Some of the tips are given below to select the best yoga retreat and have amazing experience.

     1. Location

Firstly, location is one of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting the retreat. The location should be calm and peaceful away from the chaos of the city.

     2. Experienced Yoga Teachers

Next, make sure the person who will be training you is an expert in his/her domain and not a novice. A yoga expert can guide you how to do yoga pose with correct alignment, give in-depth knowledge about deeper philosophies of yoga.

     3. Duration

Do check out the duration of the retreat. Different yoga schools have different duration for the courses being offered. The duration may range from 7 days to 200 days. The more time you spend in the retreat the more you can get benefited by it.

     4. Retreat Size

Be sure to check out the number of people coming on retreat. The guests may range from 10-100 people. The size of the group matters if you are interested in learning yoga. It is not possible to get all your queries answered by yoga instructor if group is very large.

     5. Type of Yoga

There are different types of asanas taught in different courses of yoga retreat. Be sure to check out the asanas offered and also make sure whether you will be able to do all the asanas or not. There are different levels of yoga retreat. Choose the one which is best for you.


Ways to Make Most Out of Your Yoga Retreat


Ways to Make Most Out of Your Yoga Retreat

Here are some yoga retreat tips to help you make the most out of your yoga retreat experience.

     1. Be Confident

Everything happens in life for the first time. People who do not have any yogic experience can also go for yoga retreat. Firstly, just believe in yourself and keep progressing.

     2. Focus on Yourself

Some people are already expert in yoga so looking at them might deviate you from the aim. Focus on yourself in the class. Listen to instructor and try improving yourself rather than looking at others.

    3. Visit Local Sightseeing Places

It is very refreshing if you visit sightseeing places during breaks given in yoga retreat. It helps you in feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

    4. Make Friends

Interact with the persons who are along with you in the retreat. Don’t be aloof and lonely. Making friends can make you learn a lot many things about yoga and other things.

     5. Take Proper Diet

Get sufficient amount of sleep and look after your body by taking proper amount of food and fluids. Don’t remain hungry and dehydrated for long time as it can result in serious health issues.

     6. Always be Curious

Lastly, asking lot of questions during yoga retreat can help you learn a lot. You can learn a lot more things about yoga if you ask questions about things you were not aware of. Curiosity can lead to better results.


Yoga Retreats Benefit

There are many benefits of yoga retreat. Some of them are as follows:

  • You get to see the prospects of life in a new light.
  • It helps you relax and remain free from all the stress and anxiety.
  • You get to know new people and make new friends.
  • It helps you in improving your diet. You reap benefits of Ayurveda diet.
  • You will start appreciating everything around you.
  • Yoga retreat also helps you in detaching yourself from the technology and more attached to nature.
  • Experienced yoga gurus will help you learn accurate yoga poses and meditation.
  • As there is peace all around, you can easily concentrate and properly meditate.
  • You can learn more about the philosophy of yoga while at the yoga retreat.
  • It helps you in facing your fear instead of running away from it.
  • You can heal yourself both physically and mentally while at the yoga retreat.


Yoga Retreat Activities


Yoga Retreat Activities

People love going on yoga retreat vacations. There are many kinds of activities which can be performed along with yoga retreat. Some of the activities are listed below:

     1. Yoga and Salsa

Yoga and salsa dance might not be a picture you are projecting. But combined together these activities can be very entertaining. Yoga, on one hand, improves flexibility and learning salsa along with it can be easier and fun filled.

     2. Yoga and Wildlife

Yoga retreat brings back the love and understanding towards all living creatures. The yoga safari combo trip can be booked together if you love the idea of seeing wildlife.

     3. Yoga and Volunteering

The combination of yoga and volunteering can prove to be a very excellent way of making a positive impact around you. It helps you in making a significant contribution to the society. There are some yoga centers who along with yoga retreats also do social services.

     4. Yoga and Culture

Learning a new culture alongside yoga retreat can prove to be really beneficial. An individual gets to learn something which is different from his own culture. It’s very refreshing to learn yoga in a new cultural setting.

     5. Yoga and Sightseeing

Discovering new places while at the yoga retreat can refresh you and make you learn about different places. You can plan a small package tour along with yoga retreat which makes you learn more about a particular culture of a place.

     6. Yoga and Sports

Sports like bungee jumping and paragliding combined with yoga retreat can make it more adventurous and rewarding experience. Both the sports are full of adventure where a person can put aside his fear and apprehensions and enjoy himself completely.

Yoga retreat can also be done during winters. There can be many combinations like yoga and skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking and snowshoeing. There are also hot springs or hot tubs which can help in the relaxation of aching muscles.

Yoga and surfing together can make a very fun loving and fulfilling activity. Both the activities can be useful in bringing you closer to nature. Surfing lets you listen to the water around you which gives you peace as well as fun.

There can be many other water activities which can be paired with yoga like paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaking and visiting waterfalls alongside surfing. These water-based activities can help you in spending more time with water and get engrossed in the calming and soothing effects of water.

Trekking along with yoga can prove to be one of the meditative activities. There are many beautiful places where yoga retreats can be planned along with trekking.


Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is said to be the yoga capital of India. There are many yoga schools offering various yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreat. It is a life-changing experience to do yoga retreat in such a beautiful and serene place. Rishikesh is located at the lap of Himalayas and banks of holy river Ganga. This city attracts many people towards detox, ayurveda, meditation and yoga retreats.

There are many activities which you can do during the breaks between yoga retreat schedule. Here is list of fun activities:

  • Camping
  • River Rafting
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Waterfall Trekking
  • Visiting Temples



Every end brings the new beginning. Yoga is very useful for everyone to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Yoga retreats are an ideal escape from the stress and anxieties of daily life. It helps you in leading a calm, peaceful and comfortable life.

There are many yoga retreats in Rishikesh and one of the famous yoga retreat center is Yugaadhi Yoga School. They offer traditional yoga meditation retreats with naturopathy treatments, ancient vedic healing techniques and detoxification sessions.

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