Is the school affiliated to Yoga Alliance?

What is difference between traditional & modern Yoga schools?

What is syllabus of Yoga TTC?

Do I need experience before joining 100 or 200 hours TTC?

How do I choose a course for me?

What dates are available at Yugaadhi Yoga?

Do I need to bring my Yoga Mat or books?

I am an addict, trying to give up my cigarette, alcohol or substance abuse. Can you detox retreat help?

How many outings or trips are there?

Do I need to pay for the trips?

What kind of trips do you organize?

Do we have breaks in the courses?

Do we get breaks during the day?

What if I miss a class?

When can I make best out of my day?

What kind of Visa do I need?

Which type of Visa is better?

Where do I need to arrive?

What things I should carry while travelling to India?

What kind of room is allotted in the course?

How are rooms allotted, Can I choose?

What kind of drinking water do I get?

Do I get Wifi facility?

Is there laundry facility available?

I have special food needs(diabetic, vegan, allergic), do I get food as per my needs?

What if I book and come to know I cannot attend the course?

What if I reschedule the course and cannot come?

How do I book the course and pay the booking fee?

What is included in course Fee?

If I buy packaged water or want to eat anything special during the trip, is it covered in the fee?