Elise Australia

I researched many YTT’s online and dropped queries to many, but I got an amazing and very supportive response from Yugaadhi, specially Reetu, the manager. She helped me out with my travels from Delhi to Rishikesh and it was an amazing experience to attend the whole course. The team is always there and supportive about your every need and teachers follow a pre planned and organised syllabus that helps you relax and learn everything. You will feel pampered and welcomed at Yugaadhi school.

Shalini McMurdo USA

The place is really warm and welcoming, a small school with small batches and great personal care and affection. If I come back to Rishikesh for another course, I will definitely come back to Yugaadhi. Thank you Hari Ji, for all the care you gave.

Kim Day United States

This was my second training as I was unable to finish my last one, after the first week, I realized why everyone regards Rishikesh as Yoga capital of the world. Here, the TTC was very different than anywhere else. The teachers know the language in which the ancient books of Yoga were written, know the right pronunciation of mantras, and they explain you the science behind every pose we do. I was amazed to feel the impact of poses on my own body. Yugaadhi is a great place to learn Yoga. Another great thing was the supportive team. In fact, you will feel it awkward at times when someone like Hari Ji starts brooming the place. These are actual Gurus, down to earth, modest, polite, everything you look for in a Guru, it’s there in every Guru. Guru Akin once washed dishes as the staff was busy. I never expected to see such modesty in any part of the world. If there is a TTC course with actual Yogis and Gurus, it’s Yugaadhi. They teach you the toughest of poses in the easiest way.

Kim Ozaki Texas

“Yoga you learn in rest of the world is very different from the original form. I came to Yugaadhi with different expectations, but at the end, it turned into a life changing event. I learned to understand Yoga in its most ancient forms, started to maintain the harmony between breath, body and mind. It was an amazing experience and the Gurus and staff was very supportive. I had an injury in between and they gave me a break from Asana classes and later on weekends helped me finish those classes with the help of other students. It was an amazing experience.”