Yugaadhi has a team of sages and eminent yogis. Get trained by experienced yoga teachers. Our gurus lead by an example and live a Yogic life, their commitment towards yoga and Vedic living will help you become a great yoga practitioner.

Our Guide


Guru Shri Kulwant Ji

Yoga Teacher: Spiritual Guru
Experience: 35 Years and Counting …

Kulwant ji is a spiritual enigma blessed by the almighty and has achieved a state of subtle peace from within. He is a Guru, a spiritual speaker and a guide for those who want to work on their spiritual side along with physical and mental aspects of Yoga.
What to Look For? : Sessions on your Life Goals and Challenges.


Chanderkant Ji

Yogi Chandrakant Ji

Yoga Teacher : Hatha and Ashtanga Style
Experience : 12 Years and Counting …

Yogi Chandrakant Ji is a master of asanas & yoga philosophy, he practices and teaches Hatha yoga and has a deep understanding of asana adjustments. He is a master of flow and transitions and helps you understand the importance of every movement.
What to Look For? : Hatha yoga and Power yoga techniques to enhance weight loss.

Vijay Ji

Yogi Vijay Ji

Yoga Teacher : Hatha and Ashtanga Style
Experience : 9 Years and Counting …

Vijay Ji is full of energy and his great physical strength makes him a great yoga demonstrator. He can perform some of the toughest yoga poses with great ease and helps students to attempt tough yoga poses with perfection.
What to Look For? : Flow yoga and alignments while transitions between the poses.


Hari Ji

Acharya Hari Ji

Yoga Teacher : Naturopathy and Emotional Healing
Experience : 11 Years and Counting …

Hari Ji has a great grasp on natural and Vedic practices to identify challenges faced by human body and mind. He has a great eye for diagnosing emotional and physiological challenges faced by the students and helps them formulate their own strategy to get over it. A healer, an affectionate teacher, passionate naturopathy practitioner, Hari ji is beyond a Vedic practitioner.
What to Look For? : Special Breathing Sessions and Naturopathy Techniques.

Acharya Varsha Ji

Acharya Varsha Ji

Yoga Teacher : Anatomy Teacher
Experience : 4 Years and Counting …

Varsha Ji is a student of science and has a great grasp of Anatomy and other aspects of human body. She is a practitioner of yoga and has seen several years understanding the physiological and mental impact of yoga and other Vedic practices. A teacher, a guide, and an ever smiling face are a few things you will never forget once you take a few of her classes.
What to Look For? : Deep insights about the impact of physical movements of the human body.