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Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships

Yugaadhi yoga school offers 5 yoga teacher training scholarships every month to empower the world with better yoga teachers. The humble origin of our Guru Shri Kulwant Ji inspires people to stand with those who seek to live healthy lifestyle. If you are planning to start your career as a yoga teacher, we will help you with scholarship, will teach you how to market yourself as a yoga teacher and how to start your school. The support is not just monetary, but there is also a great support throughout your endeavor as a yoga teacher.

Who is Eligible For Yoga TTC Scholarship?

Students who are planning to open a yoga school, studio or are already having a yoga studio setup to start with are eligible for the scholarship. The students need to ensure that they are really going forward to open a yoga school. The scholarship is an effort to promote yoga in different parts of the world, we offer scholarships to people from all parts of the world to help them spread the centuries-old knowledge and wisdom of the healthy Vedic life.

Why 200 Hour Yoga TTC Provided By Yugaadhi Yoga School is Unique
100 Hour Yoga Teacher Traning in Rishikesh India

How To Apply For Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship?

The scholarship applications are easy, just fill in the form above and our assessment team will get in touch with you to process it further. You will be asked to share your pictures doing yoga, share your Instagram, Facebook or other social media links where you have an active profile as a yogi. Once evaluated, we will send you a certificate for scholarship in a particular batch. There are only five scholarship spots in every batch. You might be asked to join another batch or your application might be declined if the scholarship spots are filled.

What Will You Pay ?

The scholarships offered cover 20-30% of the course fee depending upon the month of arrival. The students get the same facilities as other students at a discounted price, there are no changes in the accommodation, study material or anything. All students applying for the scholarship will be provided shared accommodations with another student of the same gender.

Why 100 Hour Yoga TTC Provided By Yugaadhi Yoga School is Unique

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The scholarship is given on the total course fee without any other discounts or rebates. There might be other offers providing smaller discounts to other students.
  2. The scholarship is calculated on the private room accommodation fee. The students are provided shared twin rooms to reduce the accommodation expenses.
  3. The students selected for scholarship cannot shift their booking to another month. While the bookings are transferable, the scholarship will only be available if there is a place in the scholarship spots in the month applied for.